News from Richard Mulondo,  October 2014

Hello Follower of Kristian's Works,

in 2006, in my small village of Buteyonngera in Mukono District, a humble project started with Kristian Hornsleth the Vision bearer and the Villagers as business partners in his Art project. The project which has transformed some peoples lives.

8 years after, a lot has happened in many benefiters lives. with just a pig or goat which was given to a poor farmer, most have had a lot of out of it. some managed to build,other put their kids back to school, others getting money for crop seeds, others buying animals like cow.. so many countless testimonies.

The one pig people received, gave birth 5 to 9 piglets, which gave the people a good start to fight poverty.

But the project hasn't been without challenges. however, some people's animals died due to dry weather,infections, poor management and feeds.

In this case one of the beneficially, decided to go back to school and study Vet nary having realized they need. and he used the money he got from his pigs. now is a qualified Vet doc. and he's helping out in the community Project.

the project still run on a small community were we have a few pigs, when the give birth, we give away the pigs to the next beneficially. we have faced a challenge of luck of enough animals or pigs.

We request everyone with a heart to help out these people to get out of poverty by sending to the Hornsleth Village Project a pig, goat or sheep.

we will be highly grateful for you to make a difference in our lives like Kristian did..
yours faithful.

Richard Mulondo 
project manager, Hornsleth Village Project Uganda,