Richard Hornsleth Mulondo

Hornsleth project partner, Buteyongera, Mukono, Uganda, May 2008

Hello Kristian Birungi, my friend!

Here are some of the testimonies from the people who took the animals. I choose to include thier names because you would like to check them out in the book.

1. An old woman called Nalongo Rodah got a pig from the project,at first before she got a pig,she was very sick of hernia and she had no money for the operation.but after getting the pig, it gave birth to 6 piglets, she returned 3 to the project. When her remeaning 3 made 6 months, she sold them off and when for the operation which was sucessfull. Now very happy woman and praises the project so much for having saved her life.

2. Gidunno Franco, also the chairman of the village, is very proud of the project. He got a pig, gave birth to 7 piglets, returned some to the project, and now he has opened up his only farm.

3. Mariam Namagero an old woman crippled says that she got a pig and sold it after giving birth, kept the piglets and she used the money to contruct a pit latrine which she lacked, so she is so much thankful for the project.

4. Namuli Ziyada, got a goat, gave birth to 1 at first, brought that back to the project and now it gave birth again to 2 and she is very happy to have a start in life.

5. Ssempebwa Twaib, a man of 37 years, got a goat, gave birth to 2, brought back one and sold
off the other to meet the childschool dues, gives thanks to the project.

6. Babirye Edith, got a pig, gave birth to 8, returned 4, kept them and then she sold them at a good place and used the money to returned her kids back to school, who were out and the big one is pregnant again, thanks to the project, she can now educate her kids.

7. Ssewanyana Loziyo, a married man, got a pig and sold it when it was huge and used the money to buy a calf, therefore he is hoping to be getting milk from the calf in the future, so greatful of the project.

8. Nsamba Henry, got a pig, gave birth to 7, brought back 3 to the project and he has opened up a farm there after.

9. Muzaaki Nora, got a pig, and kept it, gave birth and she no longer consider her self poor but rich and she has given the mother pig her name, she calls her Nora and very happy in praises all the time.

10. Mutesasira Isaac, got a pig, sold it after it gave birth then used the money to roof his house which was licking.

These are just some of the testmonies from just a few beneficiaries from the Hornsleth Village Project, and more many have a story to tell.